Our primary goal at Mindful Muslim Montessori is to develop love for Allah, His Messenger (SAW) and Islam by using Montessori principles inshaAllah.
Listed below are primary areas of focus at Mindful Muslim Montessori
Practical Life: We will be focusing on basic manners and Islamic etiquettes in daily activities such as eating, helping out with chores, meal prepping etc. We will also be placing a lot of emphasis on incorporating mindfulness in daily activities inshaAllah.
Sensorial: These activities will involve child’s senses by sorting and categorizing various learning materials based on size, color, shape, texture etc.
Language: Initital focus will be placed on Phonics along with basic grammar. There will be tons of exposure to literature through storytelling, arts & reading inshaAllah. Children will be encouraged to freely use their imagination which will help them with creative writing later on inshaAllah
Mathematics: Our primary focus will be to incorporating basic mathematical operations such as counting, addition, subtraction etc in everyday activities. Children will have access to manipulatives to gain hands on understanding of mathematical concepts.
Cultural Studies:  Children will learn about the world around them through hands on activities related to botany, zoology, geography and astronomy. Our main goal is to let children explore these areas so they develop deeper appreciation of Allah SWT.
Arts and crafts: Children will have access to various medium so they can freely express their thoughts and feelings through painting, drawing, coloring etc.
Islamic Studies: Our main focus will be memorization of short surahs from the Quran along with tafsir. We will also cover seerah of the prophet along with daily dua’s and prayers inshaAllah. Islamic curriculum will cover stories of various prophets along with pillars of Islam inshaAllah
Arabic: Phonics will be used to teach kids Arabic alongwith focusing on vocabulary from the Quran inshaAllah.