I'm finally home

My soul is lost, my body is in pain.

For I’ve been searching for too long, looking around in vain.

A battlefield inside me

As I fill the vessel with things of the world.

But there is a piece of flesh inside me

Not content by anything of this world.

It's looking for more

I quieten it but it roars.

It yearns for something else

Its nourishment is remembrance of Lord

My heart desires nothing else.

But to meet my Lord.

I’ve lied to myself for way too long

Putting worldly things in my heart where only Allah belongs.

So my heart aches as I bow down to Him

I turn to Him before I return to Him.

I submit, I cry and I repent to Him.

For forgetting my purpose once again.

For depriving my own soul again and again.

I take a vow to put Him first.

For nothing of this world can quench my thirst.

As I pray to Him, peace fills me.

And I remember the one who created me.

For way too long, I've tirelessly roamed

But I’m thankful to Him for I’m finally home.

- Wardah