How to Teach Kids Arabic Alphabet - Montessori Method

How to Teach Kids Arabic Alphabet - Montessori Method

When I decided to homeschool my daughter a few years back, I remember being overwhelmed by all the information available. Alhamdulillah through the years, we have tried and tested a lot of methods and tried figuring out what works for my kids and what doesn’t. I believe each child is different and it’s really important that parents take time to figure out what works for them and what doesn’t. I personally found the Montessori method quite engaging Alhamdulillah! Below, I have outlined some of these methods I used with my kids and linked up some resources that you could use to teach your kids the Arabic Alphabet.

The Three Period Lesson:

I have used the three-period lesson to introduce Arabic Alphabets and vocabulary to my kids and it works really well Alhamdulillah. During the first period, your aim is to introduce 1 - 3 letters to your child! Repetition is key so make sure you say the alphabet multiple times while holding Alphabet card in your hand!

These cute Arabic Alphabet flashcards with pictures can be downloaded here

The second period is most important and kids should spend the most time interacting with the material in this period. At a different time, sit with your child and play letter recognition games with them. You could prompt your child to find a specific letter, point to a letter, play matching games, place a specific letter on the tray etc. The possibilities are endless with one end goal: to get kids to recognize all the letter you have introduced. You can download my FREE Arabic letter game below:

The third period is all about naming all the objects introduced! You should only move on to this period once your child has mastered letter recognition! Moving on to the third period too quickly will only lead to frustration for you and your child! During the third lesson, you will sit down with your child and ask ‘ What letter is this?’. If your child is still struggling to name the alphabets, just go back to the second period and play more letter recognition games with your child! Try to get your child to recognize the letters at a later time!

Last but not least, make sure you have fun with your kids! :-)