Ways to Keep Your Sanity as A New Mother

Arrival of new baby is exciting, challenging and exhausting at the same time. As soon as the baby arrives, new moms get busy with all the demands of motherhood. Every mom receives a lot of advice from well wishers, ‘Make sure you freeze multiple meals beforehand, you won’t have time to cook!’ We all try our best to stay on top of things and do everything possible to ensure our baby feels safe and welcomed. However, one thing most moms don’t worry too much about is how to take care of THEMSELVES after becoming a new mother. Moms are too busy changing diapers, feeding, burping and putting the baby to sleep. This results in moms feeling worn out and drained as all their energies deplete fulfilling all the responsibilities of motherhood.  It is important to step out of your role as a mother from time to time and do things for yourself. This will enable you to become more mindful of your needs as well as the needs of your children. Below are some of the things you can do for yourself to feel a bit sane 
First and foremost, remind yourself that you are a human with physical, psychological, spiritual and social needs. You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. In short pockets of time you get while the baby is napping, pick up a book or do something you truly enjoy and feel passionate about. Hit the gym, go for a run, pray, eat healthy or call up a friend, do whatever it takes for you to feel replenished!
Try and wake up before dawn, when everyone is sleeping and spend sometime in peace doing something for yourself. Look at your baby sleeping in the crib and remind yourself to be grateful for this blessing. If your husband is home, try and go for a quick run or do yoga at home. Spend the early hours of the day in peace and prayer, make a yummy smoothie and get ready for the day ahead!
Don’t shy away from asking for help and if someone is offering you help with the kids, do yourself a favor and take it! Just step back and shift your attention to anything but the kids for sometime. Get some fresh air, read a magazine or go for a drive while daddy or mother-in-law watch kids!
Do things for yourself, even for 10 min! Everyday, take some time to ask yourself, ‘what do I love, what are my dreams and my passions?’ Whether reading a book while sipping latte or going out shopping, do something only for you
Step out of the house and stimulate your senses! Go out for a run and get some fresh air
or take your kids to the library. Do whatever it takes to stimulate your senses and intellect. Check out a museum, write a blog or work on that awesome idea you’ve always thought about but never had time because of school or work
Always keep your dreams in perspective and work on them. It is perfect time to start that
project, volunteer or help out with that cause you truly feel passionate about while you are home. To start thinking about your dreams, just spend 10 min with a pen and paper and jot down all the ideas in your head, then take a deep breath, have a cup of coffee and work on those dreams!
As a new mother; you will experience a whole bunch of emotions. Blame it on hormones but you will feel love, fear, excitement and anxiety at the same time. Scribbling down your feelings, fears and hopes in a journal really helps vent out the flux of emotions that come with motherhood.
Bond with your children to really experience the joy of motherhood. Moms get so worried about weight gains, mealtimes and daily chores that they forget to take the time out and really enjoy and be childish. Children are little humans with their own minds and as a mom, it is important that you try to understand them. Put that phone down and get out there in the park, bond with my kids, chase after squirrels and play hide-and-seek!
Call up a friend and hang out like old times. Talk about novels, movies, chick flicks,anything but babies!
Dress up with your kids before your husband arrives and greet him with a smile. Chances are he’d be more willing to help out around the house
Work on schedules early on so that your life is somewhat predictable. Put kids to bed around 7 pm so you have sometime to yourself for chatting with your husband, reading a book or just doing your own thing!