Letting go – An acquired skill

Watching my baby sleep peacefully this morning, I couldn’t help but notice her tiny fingers; they were closed tightly together. Since birth, babies love holding on to things. It provides them with comfort and reassurance. It gives them a sense of security and belonging. It is almost as if they are saying, ‘I will never let you go because I need you’. Growing up, we keep holding on to things, believing they will provide us with comfort and security, even things that don’t help us. But we still hold on to them because we fear the change or we don’t trust ourselves enough to say, “I don’t need this, I can live without this’.  Our dysfunctional beliefs, habits, relationships and values don’t bring any good, but we can’t let go – because we fear we’ll fall. Below is my attempt to learn to let go of…

1, Things in life – all those things that are just cluttering my life and causing distraction. All the things I feel I ‘need’ but they serve no purpose but occupy my closet and shelves. I am learning to let go and live a simple life

2. Hurt in life – all the grudges and hurt that have left a mark on my heart. All the resentments and negativity that makes me doubt my abilities and not believe in myself, I am learning to let go and forgive others, but more importantly forgive myself for all my mistakes and failures

3. Values in life – all those habits and values that don’t serve any purpose but I keep holding on to them anyway, believing that they will bring some good one-day. All the false perceptions that come in the way when I want to move forward, I am learning to let go of old beliefs and build new ones, that will enable me to be more positive

4. Memories – all those moments when I fell, I failed and I fell short. I keep reminding myself of them and they serve no purpose but bring me down and bring back sorrows. I am learning to pop those memories when they emerge and looking forward to building beautiful memories with those around me

5. Relationships – those toxic relationships that make us doubt ourselves and bring misery. We hold on to those people and friends who bring no good and we feel alone around them. I am learning to let go of bad influence and build new friendships and stronger relationships – with those who respect me and love me for who I am.

What are some of the things you need to let go in your life? Whether wrong beliefs, dysfunctional friends or false values, what is stopping you from letting go?