Going Back to Work After kids - The Tips

It is 8 in the morning and you have hit the snooze button a dozen times already as you try to gather your strength to get up. Last night was particularly chaotic with you struggling to get everything organized. Your toddler had a hard time sleeping and she woke up at 3 in the morning, screaming because of a nightmare. You finally lift off your blanket and get ready for work. You wake up your child, comfortably wrapped in the sheets and drop them off at preschool. Your child doesn’t want to let go as you give them a kiss and promise them you'd be there at 5 pm. The teacher tries to soothe your child and reassures you ‘your child will be ok’. You nod in affirmation and turn around as your child cries. While driving to work, you ask yourself ‘Why am I doing it? Why don’t I just quit!’ On days like these, when things don’t go as planned, when your child is not too happy to see her friends at preschool or a loved-one questions your decision to work, take a deep breath and follow some tips below:

1.     Renew your intentions:

When doubts cloud your mind, take a deep breath and try to remind yourself why you decided to work in the first place. It is worth writing down your purpose and goals and revisiting them from time to time. Maybe you are working for that extra financial cushion for your family, to build emergency funds or gain financial independence. Maybe it has nothing to do with money, you want to work because you want to utilize your God-given talents or exercise your brain muscles because they were collecting dust while you were busy changing diapers. Whatever it may be, revisit those goals and renew your intention. Keep calm and carry on!

2.     Seek out support

Sometimes all it takes is a quick phone call or a text message. When you doubt your intentions or feel guilty, call up your husband or a friend who believes in you and has always supported you. “Today was rough. I didn’t plan enough and morning was chaotic,” vent out to your loved one as they patiently listen and reassure you that you might not be perfect, but you are doing ok. Know that these people will always be there for you and support you. Thank God for having these gems in your life and ask for their help when needed. That’s what they are there for.

3.     Keep the end in mind

Being a mother of two girls, I feel that I have a responsibility to exemplify a woman’s strength, confidence, humility and loyalty at the same time. I often think about the day when my girls will grow up and becomes mothers. Will I look them in the eye and say, ‘I sacrificed everything for you, now you have to make those sacrifices for your children’ or they’ll look up to me as a strong person who was true to her role as a mother and at the same time, pursued her dreams and passions

4.     Find the right fit

As moms, know that you’ll have to be picky about your career and motherhood does play a role in making these decisions. Motherhood has its perks, your kids crave your attention and you get those precious hugs and kisses like no other, not even dad. Those cuddles and coos don’t come for free, just like anything else. It demands hard work, perseverance and turning down a job or two. However, don’t give up hope if you turn down a job because you realized that the work environment was not the right fit for a mom or the corporation has no empathy for you as a mother. Keep looking and you will find mom friendly workplaces who will acknowledge your role as a mom and no eyebrows will be raised if you walk in at 10 because you had a rough morning.

5.     Keep an order

My grandmother is my role model. She worked all her life as a teacher, yet no one ever ate takeout and the house was always in order. Her exemplary character and habits are still reflected in her life today. At the age of 70, she never sits idle. She has this constant need to get things done. I have learned a thing or two about being productive from her. Know that pursuing your dreams means you have to stay on top of things. This means kids go to bed at 8, laundry is folded as soon as possible and food is prepped in those pockets of time when you could just be lofting around. You CAN bring fresh homemade food on the table and keep the house in order. All it takes is the right vision, positive mindset and staying on top of things!