Gems Within us: On Criticism and Self Worth

Imagine you were offering one of a kind, rare and beautiful gems. You know their worth and you truly believe in them. You love them so much; you’d like to share them with the rest of the world. You know if put to right use, these gems can offer so much more!

They catch someone’s attention. They stop for a moment and what to know more. You start talking. You tell them all about their beauty and qualities. They decide, not to take them. Maybe the time isn’t right for them. They are on their way to something they believe is more important. Maybe they were too distracted at that point to truly appreciate their beauty or listen to you. Whatever it might be, you don’t mind. You let them go. You truly believe in what you have to offer and you know someone will appreciate them for what they are.

 Time and time again, we keep forgetting that we are like these rare gems. We are truly beautiful and unique. We all are different and have something to offer. There are people in our lives who recognize and appreciate this beauty in us. We need to keep them close.

But we also meet people who don’t recognize and appreciate this beauty. They might be distracted by their own problems or on their way to something else. They might not have time to stop and reflect. This doesn’t make us any less beautiful. This shouldn’t make us doubt who we are as people or think there is something wrong.

There are times when we all let the judgment of others determine our self worth. In those moments, we need to stop ourselves from taking criticism of others personally. Instead of doubting ourselves, it is important that we take that moment to remind ourselves of our strengths and qualities. Realize that we have something to offer and if we nurture what's within, we can benefit others greatly. A reminder to always appreciate and be grateful for what we have to offer and be compassionate to others, even those who criticize us.