All my struggles..

My every day, my every breath;
Is like taking a step,
Towards You

Like gravity pulling you,
As you try to make it through,
I get pulled down too.

But I struggle and I fight;
So that all my days and nights,
Can only be for You.

At every step, I meet an enemy,
Fear, greed, pride and envy.
They delude me, they distract me
They try to keep me away from You.

I am a mere human, weak and unarmed.
But if I have You, I am not alarmed
'cauze no matter how hard they try,
they can't take me away from You

So I gather my courage, and I fight.
And I seek strength with Your Might
To fill my heart with Your love and light
And I know that I always have You

I have faith that I will too
Someday taste the divine fruit
of Your love and truth
So all my struggles are only for You