To face all pains with a smile

Once again, the world has brought me to my knees;
My heart shatters as my hope flees.
The hatred, mistrust and agony cloud my perception, 
Alas! all the damage done by devil's deception.
I wander around for help, pleading; 
Every part of my being screaming!
For hope, love, trust and justice, 
I want to see where mercy and trust is;
I try looking for it everywhere,
But to my despair, don't find it anywhere.
Atlast I get tired and close my eyes,
I pray as tears run down and my heart cries.
I plead for help in despair and confusion
For the guidance to come and offer a solution
to all my fears, hatred and resentment
I ask God for patience and contentment.
And out of darkness, comes the light
with love and hope, it shines bright
It fills my heart with peace, to my surprise!
Out of despair, i finally rise!
and get the courage to walk more miles
to face all pains with a smile